Beer Belly Blues: What Every Aging Man and the Women in his Life Needs to Know

Attention Men: what we are about to introduce to you is not only important…it can be life changing.

Nutritional expert and bestselling author Brad King’s award winning book Beer Belly Blues: What Every Aging Man and the Women In His Life Needs to Know is a must-read for most aging men.

Take a look around you and more often than not you will see far more men sporting the so-called beer belly—than not. The truth is, the majority of people don’t find a beer belly an attractive feature, but far more important than looks is what the beer belly is actually telling you about one’s health.

Did you know that after the ripe old age of 30 the majority of men in North America can expect to experience depression, increased body fat (especially in the belly area), difficulty sleeping, hair loss, low libido, erectile dysfunction, impaired blood sugar levels, cardiovascular complications and so much more. Brad King has laid out a clear easy-to-follow and proven plan in Beer Belly Blues that proves it doesn’t have to be this way… in fact, this book will explain how you can safely and naturally stop and/or reverse these conditions and in the process bring back the gusto you had in your 20’s.

And aside from all of the life changing stuff—Brad’s incorporated plenty of humor into the book. He does a great job at poking fun in all the right places… and the best part is that this book is backed by over 200 scientific references.

If you or someone you know is a male over the age of 30 we would really recommend that you check out Beer Belly Blues … and ladies, this book is not just for men. If you want to know what the heck is taking place in your boyfriends/husbands/fathers/brothers/cousins/friends body… you will learn a lot from Beer Belly Blues… and enjoy doing so.

If you want to feel better, live longer, have better all-around performance. and look your best, purchase your copy today… it will change your life.