Danish Supermarket Puts An End To Hand Sanitizer Hoarding With This Genius Trick

Following the increasing cases of the coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world have started to panic buy and hoard essential items such as toilet papers, rubbing alcohol, and hand sanitizers. But this one Danish supermarket has had enough of all the hoarding and came up with a genius idea. 

Although most grocery stores and shops worldwide have tried to limit their customers from buying unusual amounts of essential goods, some shoppers still can’t stop hoarding, leaving other people with no supply left.

And while photos, videos, and memes of shoppers in the US and other countries stocking up on mountains of toilet paper, masks, and hand sanitizers have been swarming the internet for weeks. A supermarket on the other side of the world thought of the most creative and way to trick their customers into stopping hoarding. 

Everyone deserves a hand sanitizer

A Twitter user shared the grocery’s genius move to control their customers. If you buy one hand sanitizer, you can get it for $5.73, but if you try to buy two, you’ll have to get it at a ridiculous $143 per bottle. Now that definitely ought to discourage hoarders.