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How to Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage interest rates on 30-year loans have reached an all-time low, and they continue to be on a steady decline over the last several months as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. The Federal Reserve kick-started lower interest rates in an emergency move in late

Biking: Best Way to Move Around During a Pandemic

The world is reeling from the coronavirus. People are forced to change with the way they live and travel. Public transportation is being stopped in some countries. In others where mass transport is not completely stopped, social distancing is being enforced. People are looking for

11 Quick Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance

Car insurance is a expensive nuisance . . . until you need it. As a father, you hate thinking about those 1:30 am phone calls. I received one last month. At least nobody was hurt. I can’t say the same thing for our 2014 Hyundai Sonata.

This Is The Ultimate Guide To Traveling Without Overspending

Been wanting to go away and explore the world? Don’t be afraid of all the travel costs because there’s always a way to enjoy your trips without sacrificing your entire savings account. These days most travelers, especially the younger ones, label themselves “Budget Travelers,” which

Luxembourg Waives Fares For All Public Transport

Commuters in Luxembourg will now be able to ride trains, trams and buses for free after the tiny European nation waived the fares in an effort to alleviate traffic. Luxembourg has been experiencing heavy traffic jams as many of its residents choose to travel by

Alphabet’s Waymo Clinches $2.25 Billion From External Investors

Waymo, the self-driving car division of Alphabet, has secured $2.25 billion from outside investors in its first round of external fundraising. Google’s parent company Alphabet is providing some of Waymo’s funding, but other Silicon Valley giants are now pitching in as car company continues to

Avoiding the Student Loan Trap

You should be aware of the student loan debt trap. It’s a major problem affecting millions of Americans. Student loan debt now amounts to $1.6 trillion in total and is now bigger than credit card debt. It’s important that you avoid this kind of debt.

24 states that raised minimum wage rates in 2020

The minimum wage rate has climbed up at the beginning year for workers in 20 states, and workers in four other states are expecting to see a rise in their salaries before the end of the year. States and localities can set their own rates,