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Not So Crazy Now: How to Do Financial Prepping

In the past, preppers were seen in the same light as conspiracy theorists. People considered them to be one step away from being full-blown crazy. With the pandemic now affecting everyone, preppers are now more like prophets. Prepping actually makes a great deal of sense.

Corona and Cash: Should You Be Afraid to Handle Dollars?

With the fear of the coronavirus spreading through contact with surfaces, some people are afraid of handling cash. They are afraid that they can get infected because of the virus found in the dollar bills. Is there a basis for this fear? Should people refrain

Pay Off Your Debt Or Save?

Do you have some extra cash right now? It’s understandable if you are wondering as to what you can do with your money. Should you pay off your debt or is it better if you save it?  When you try to do the math, it

Will Global Travel Be the Same After the Pandemic?

Slowly but inevitably, countries around the world have started to impose restrictions on local and international travel. Bans and border restrictions have been put in place to help prevent the spread of the disease.  Some questioned the wisdom of the decisions, saying that restrictions will

Make Money During the Time of the Coronavirus

The coronavirus is affecting ordinary lives now.  More and more countries are taking drastic measures to deal with the pandemic. If you are finding yourself under quarantine or lockdown, then you might be unable to work.  Without having to go to work and required to

Should You Buy a Tiny House?

Planning on buying a house? If you are, then you might be considering a tiny house as an option. The tiny-house movement is going strong and more and more people are getting interested.  What’s a Tiny House? In 2013 the average size of an American

Tax Mistakes to Avoid No Matter What

If there’s one thing in the world that is constant, that would be taxes. As long as governments exist, you will have to pay taxes. You need to remember that you need to file your annual tax returns. That’s a very important step. As a