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Stocks That Are Predicted To Rise Amid Market Drop

The coronavirus outbreak has caused stocks to take a massive tumble in the markets last week, but shares of select companies could still climb up amid the selloff. Here are some stocks that are defying expectations in the market amid the panic over the coronavirus.

Top Post-Pandemic Business Ideas?

The spread of the coronavirus has been swift and it’s taking its toll. The heaviest hit countries are reeling from the number of affected people and the deaths. Other countries are doing their best to prevent the virus from spreading among their population. The pandemic

KFC Is Looking For A Professional Chicken Taster

KFC just announced that they are looking for a professional finger licker. The fast-food giant is looking for their “biggest fan” to finger lick their way to fame.” Ugh. It sounds a little gross but wait till you hear the details. First, all you have

Disney Parks Chief Bob Chapek Replaces Iger as CEO

Walt Disney Co’s (DIS.N) announced on Tuesday that its parks chairman, Bob Chapek, will be replacing Robert Iger as chief executive officer effective immediately. Chapek had been serving as the chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products since the position was created in 2018. As

Survival Steps for Small Businesses During the Coronavirus

The crisis caused by the pandemic is unlike anything the world has faced recently. Unfortunately, the world is ill-equipped to deal with it. That includes the owners of small businesses who are facing uncertain times ahead. The sad thing is that most of the advice

Alphabet’s Waymo Clinches $2.25 Billion From External Investors

Waymo, the self-driving car division of Alphabet, has secured $2.25 billion from outside investors in its first round of external fundraising. Google’s parent company Alphabet is providing some of Waymo’s funding, but other Silicon Valley giants are now pitching in as car company continues to

Avoiding the Student Loan Trap

You should be aware of the student loan debt trap. It’s a major problem affecting millions of Americans. Student loan debt now amounts to $1.6 trillion in total and is now bigger than credit card debt. It’s important that you avoid this kind of debt.